Hi! I’m Dana, and I help transformational online course creators conquer the complex hurdles of creating and delivering consistently compelling content so they’re able to stand out and make money while also making a positive impact on the world.

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Is online course creation becoming a complicated nightmare for you?

  • Are you sick of reviewing your marketing or curriculum, making changes that never seem to stick?

  • Are you having trouble finding the right, “open-minded people” to take your course?

  • Are people “just not getting” the value you have to offer?

  • Do you worry you might never succeed in creating an online course that sells?

  • Are you afraid you’re not putting out the right message to attract your ideal prospects?

  • Is your dream to help others empower themselves and to make unlimited money doing so?

  • Are you interested in creating real mind shifts and transformational behavioral changes for yourself and others?

  • Is failure not an option for you??

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Stop Selling Information and Start Selling a Transformation


Clarify Your Big Idea

Nail down one clear offer so you can stop losing focus and start concentrating only on ideas that are 100% aligned with your business.


Attract Your Perfect Prospects

Learn how to attract people who share the same mindset and hunger for change as you instead of trying to convince the ones who aren’t yet ready.


Become a Master Influencer

Get a clear and repeatable formula to use throughout your course and marketing materials that speaks directly to the hearts of your audience and produces the transformative results they’re after.

A simplified marketing message can help you easily show your prospects the value of your offer so you leave no doubt that working with you is the key to their own success.
— Dana Hayes, Founder of Simple Stupid Marketing
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