Deliver a Relatable Message So People Pay Attention

Hi, I’m Dana!

I help online coaches, course creators and mentors transform their marketing messages from being questionable to totally relatable so their businesses are able to…


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Is Your Marketing Failing to Convert Prospects into Clients?

  • Too close to your message to communicate it clearly?

  • Having trouble finding the right, “open-minded people” to buy your program?

  • Website, sales page and other marketing materials feeling weak?

  • Ready to “do the work” but not sure what work to do?

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Target Your Market

Learn how to find the perfect people for your offer so you can pick their brains and perfect your message.

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Nail Your Message

Develop a client-based message that captivates your audience and gets them excited to work with you.

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Spread Your Mission

You’ll have a repeatable plan for refining your offer so it’s easy to get your name out there and make a difference.

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If you’re great at what you do but have no clue when it comes to marketing and scaling your coaching business, you’ve come to the right place!
— Dana Hayes, Founder of Simple Stupid Marketing
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Don’t Waste Another Dollar

How much money could you make if your sales funnels worked? How much impact could you make if people listened to your offer? How many more followers could you gain with a message that speaks directly to them?

Can your prospects see themselves in your message? Can they feel the value you offer to people just like them? Do they resonate with your message like they came up with it themselves?

If your message is not client-made, it could be costing you more than you realize.