Take a Step Back to Move Forward

Are you a driven, intelligent, self-sufficient human who knows her own potential and is trying her DAMNEDEST to become a pioneer in the online course creation industry?

Are you SO sick of tinkering with your online course ideas and messaging because you feel like EVERY SINGLE TIME you do, you end up changing directions and set yourself back another 3 months?

Maybe it’s because you’re just too damn smart for your own good.

You’re a doer, a student of the world and as you learn new things or have another aha moment, you get excited.

That excitement leads you to implement each new idea with vigor but each time you do, you create an even more disjointed business than you had before!

If this has happened to you (most likely it’s happened much more than once), you’re probably looking for someone to “just tell you what the heck to do” so you can do it and MOVE ON.

The struggle is so real.

Don’t Let a Lack of Direction Kill Your Success (because it can)

You feel inside like you just KNOW opportunity is right around the corner.

You know, the whole, “breakdown before the breakthrough” thing but then it HAPPENS AGAIN, and again, and again…which can lead to more than frustration.

That kind of torment can lead to wasting a bunch of time and money launching a course with a confusing message that no one wants to buy into or worse yet, giving up.

If any of this sounds like you, I want you to know I’ve been stuck in the EXACT spot you’re in right now and if you’d like to shave off 4+ years of maddening trial and error, I can definitely be of assistance.

Here’s how…

Sell the TRANSFORMATION Instead of More Information

I learned that you don’t have to keep pumping out more and more content, more and more information.

People already have content overwhelm, so what I love to show course creators like you is that one transformational offer can become a powerful compass-like tool that can be used to direct every facet of your business.

When you choose ONE transformational offer your ideal prospects are already dying to learn, it becomes the backbone of EVERYTHING you create.

Suddenly everything you create becomes aligned, meaningful and clear.

From your course curriculum, to your website, to all of your marketing email campaigns, social media posts, blog articles, etc, this one offer will help you to discern which ideas are perfect to act on and which are not.

You’ll never have to guess if you’re working on the right stuff or putting out the correct message once you’ve nailed this bad boy down.

Can you see how this one, clear transformational offer might be THE FOUNDATION your online business is missing?

Just Stay a Step Ahead to Find Success

Selling an online course takes a lot more than convincing or persuading people that you “know how to set goals and help people achieve those goals”.

The people you want to attract already know how to set goals, but what they don’t know is what goals to set.

What they don’t know is the step-by-step process is takes to get whatever transformation you’re offering.

The easiest and most authentic way to sell is by truly giving a damn about what you’re selling and a genuine desire to make the same changes in your own life while helping others follow your lead.

There’s no better feeling than getting a prospect on the phone, hearing their nerves and without an iota of salesyness quelling their fears with your natural enthusiasm for what you’ve accomplished and what you KNOW you can help them accomplish.

It’s like magic.

Authenticity that is.

And that’s why I like to bring course creators who were born to help others and are looking to make an abundant living doing so back to the basics, back to where they started, back to WHY they started.

If you’re sick of wading through the muck and mire of online course creation, if you’re sick of all the automation strategies that for some reason, just aren’t working for you, please PLEASE understand that everything is going to come together for you soon - as soon as you get clear on your ONE transformational offer.

You will start selling, you will start making money, you will start making an impact.

But you can’t do it alone (unless you enjoy non-stop cycles of self-sabotage, tunnel vision and frustration 😟.) And I know you don’t.

So I encourage you to start working with me (for free) today. Join the closed Facebook group by clicking here, or jump into the video blogs I’ve created for you by clicking here.

This is your big shot.