If you feel like you have an amazing coaching offer but your prospects aren't listening, a Simple Stupid marketing message can help you stand out, make money and make a difference.


Most online coaches create offers they believe their prospects really want. The problem is, even if they hit the bull's eye with offer itself, the messaging is often confusing. That confusion can lead to instantaneous mistrust which usually results in a valuable missed opportunity for you and the growth of your online coaching business.

Your prospects need to know, without a doubt that you understand their specific problem in order for them to want to take the next step with you. Describe their wants and needs the way they do, and they'll trust that you understand their problem - and if they trust that you understand their problem, they will be much more likely to trust that you have a solution for it as well.

If you make the fatal mistake of making them question whether or not your offer is exactly what they're looking for, they will leave and go elsewhere to find someone with an offer that's easier to understand and thus, easier to accept.

The Simple Stupid Marketing workshop was created by Dana Hayes to help online coaches simplify their offers so their ideal prospects pay attention, and feel the urge to take action by using a specific framework to filter out the noise and add undeniable value.


Dana Hayes is an entrepreneur armed with a behavioral psychology degree from the College of Charleston and has launched over 10 businesses in the past 5 years. The stats don't lie...she's no stranger to "failure" as 9 out of the 10 businesses fell flat as fast as you could say, "LLC". 

With so many failures why in the world would you ever take her advice? 

Here's why...

In 2016, #10 of the 10 business endeavors proved everything she knew to be true...if she could just keep pushing through the failures, learning from each mistake, she'd eventually collect enough of the ingredients to create her own recipe for success. And that's exactly what happened.

Local Dog was a locally sourced, organic dog treat business that she started using all of the marketing mistakes, research and expensive courses (like Amy Porterfield's, Courses That Convert) she had been collecting over the previous 3 years and 9 failed attempts. 

The business sky rocketed from 1 - $12 sale to $5k in sales within 4 weeks (oh, and the treats were only available for purchase in the state of South Carolina). 

That's when she knew the system she put in place worked...maybe too well?

Because she was the sole baker, distributor, and marketer for the business, she made the quick and painful decision to forgo scaling the dog treat business to help others launch successful marketing campaigns of their own.

Fast forward to today (2018) and she's used all of her failures, education, accomplishments and non-stop appetite to master copywriting and the applied psychological science of Identity Based Motivation to create a proven framework for marketing success, specifically for online coaches.

Why online coaches? Because they're helping others. Dana's overarching philosophy and goal is to help others help others.

If you want to learn how to market your online coaching businesses in a way that separates you from the noise and positions you as a leader in your field, so you're able to make the income and impact you were expecting, a Simple Stupid Marketing workshop is your path to success.

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