Highlight the Transformation You Offer So People Listen

Hi, I’m Dana!

I give online course creators the step-by-step direction they need for developing, organizing and delivering their transformational marketing messages so they’re able to…


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Has your marketing strategy become a complicated nightmare?

  • Too close to your message to communicate it clearly?

  • Copywriting skills feeling weak?

  • Don’t have a long-term content strategy in place?

  • Not sure how to narrow down your message and incorporate it into your sales page and other marketing materials?

  • Afraid you’re not putting out the right message to attract your ideal prospects?

  • Having trouble finding the right, “open-minded people” to take your course?

  • Website, sales page and other marketing materials feel weak and need to be stronger?

  • Dropping the ball inside your FB group, video blog, podcast or other content marketing media channel?

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Stop selling information and start selling the transformation

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Capture with Copy

Emotionalize your message so people feel the importance of your program.

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Spread Your Mission

Learn how to deliver highly relevant content to attract your tribe.

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Transform Lives for a Living

You’ll have the mindset and the message you need to influence the world.

If you’re great at what you do but have no clue when it comes to selling and scaling your course, you’ve come to the right place!
— Dana Hayes, Founder of Simple Stupid Marketing
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Don’t Waste Another Minute or Another Dime

How much more time, money and effort will you waste trying to sell a message no one finds valuable? You don’t have to continue figuring out the secret of selling on your own. You can work with a fellow course creator who’s been there, and has the plan you’ve been searching for. A plan for selling!!

The process isn’t always simple but the method is clear. Join for free by clicking below today!